What Is The Best Korean Formula To Describe Something Quickly?

Have you ever watch a Korean drama?

The popular one that I know is Kill Me Heal Me. I watched it on LINE Channel. It's not only a fantastic serial TV but also I can learn the daily conversation through the K-drama like how a Korean guy introduces himself to an elder, gives his friend a greeting, or saying goodbye.

How to use article [-이에요/예요, 은/는] in Korean?

Just FYI, this blog is not talking about teaching the Korean language. I just want to practice, because it makes me perfect. Yesterday, I learned about how to describe myself, someone, and something around me.

For example:
  • I am a Javanese.
  • You are a Korean.
  • She is an American.
  • He is a vocalist.
  • That girl is Clara.
  • This kid is a burglar.
  • The cat's name is Jek Separo.
  • My name is Mew.
  • Mister Jack.
  • Madam Lala.
  • Lady Diana.
  • They are mathematics teachers.
  • We are your neighbours.
  • ....... and so on.

By using -이에요/예요 and -은/는, we can say those sentences above in Korean easily. Take a look at the Quick Learning Information section or simply click the play button below to listen to a short explanation through an audio.

Quick learning information

Both -이에요/예요 and -은/는 have a different function. Practically, -이에요/예요 is attached to the end of the noun. But, this article doesn't use for following a subject in a sentence. To mention a subject, we will use -은/는. Take a look at the picture below.

Korean grammar

🖊 Notes!

Sometimes, we can remove the common subject such as I (am), You (are), She (is), He (is), and It/That/This (is).

So, it's okay, if we only want to say, "pretty, handsome, good boy, good girl, delicious" and so on, rather than saying, "she is pretty, he is handsome, you are a good boy, you are a good girl, this is delicious" and another complete sentence to make it sounds casual/natural.

Let's make a quick practice. Take a look at the short conversation below. Anyway, before you scroll it down, I have a short webcomic that I published exclusively on this blog. Please read my artwork and give me a comment.

Beginner Exercises

👽👹👿: 안녕하세요

👽: 저는 한루비예요.
[I am Han Ruby.]

👹: 저는 의사예요.
[I am a doctor.]

👿: 한루비씨는 인도네시아어 선생님이에요.
[Ms. Ruby is an Indonesian teacher.]

👿: 우리는 친구예요.
[We are friends.]

Related words


I (am/was)*
* It is used when the speaker wants to show a humble and friendly impression.

a doctor

Mr.; Ms.; Mrs.

인도네시아어 선생
an Indonesian teacher


(an) Indonesian language


a friend

Introduction in Korean


Based on the Korean grammar basic that I learned, so I can say "I am a doctor" in the Korean language by saying 저는 의사예요. Or, to make it simple just remove the 저는 (I am) and say, "의사예요". It's very easy, right? Well, at least just for now.

Thank you very much for reading. The next Korean language practice will be uploaded tomorrow, insyaAllah. If you think this article is useful and helpful, please share it with your friends, family, teachers, neighbours, even to your boss. See you again. 감사합니다. Thank you.

[Mewrise Student's Korean Lesson Chapter 1a]